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Sexy Robes That You Must Have

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Lingerie Review - Sexy Robes

Enjoy a little game of hide and reveal? Your partner surely does too. Want to know what is the perfect thing to wear to make this game even more interesting? A sexy robe to wear on top of the lingerie. Wearing a robe just puts up a sleek sheer between your lover and your skin and adds a little more to unravel before they get to lay their hands on you. Hide your special secrets beneath a sexy robe and let the curiosity build inside your lover.

Lets see the 4 sexiest robes that made it to our list.

Magenta Chandelle Boa Long Sheer Robe

This full length long sheer sexy robe with chandelle boa is a beautiful robe to have. The magenta color makes it look even bolder. The fabric is thin and revealing. The chandelle boa detailing around the neck and on the front and sleeves of the robe give it a very sexy look.

Black Chandelle Boa Long Sheer Robe

Black is beautiful and we all agree to that. The sheer sexy robe is full-length with chandelle boa detailing on the front and sleeves and around the neck. The robe is of thin fabric that provides to see through it. Creates the perfect sort of curiosity!

Long Sleeve Leopard Robe

The leopard print is for the wild. This long sleeve thigh length robe is just the perfect thing to represent the wild side in you. The black scallop lace on the sleeves provides intricate detailing to this sexy robe. The fabric used is satin that gives it the soft and comfortable feel. The satin sash along with the robe allows you to tie the robe at the front before giving your lover a sexy surprise.

Satin and Lace Robe

This classic satin robe is a beauty. The lace detail on the shoulder and front give a sexy teasing view of the inside whereas the satin covers the rest of the body down till the thighs. The satin sash allows you to hide the sexy secrets until you think it's the right time. These sexy robes are a must have for your wardrobe so click here to buy now!


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