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Sexy Lingerie And Apparel is an upscale fabulous luxury lingerie blog which showcases some of the finest and highest quality lingerie for women who look for style and substance in what they wear. Every hot blooded woman wants to show off her curves, which is why Sexy Lingerie And Apparel is known as the beacon blog of sexuality. Our collection includes some of the sexiest lingerie, bras, panties, corsets, club wear, costumes, swimsuits, and accessories. We also specialize in plus sizes. Sexy Lingerie and Apparel was created to give people information, advice, and help people find the latest styles in lingerie. We also enjoy having a lot of fun with discussions from our readers.



Lady D is the founder and CEO of Sexy Lingerie and Apparel, an upscale fabulous luxury lingerie blog, which is located in South Florida.

In Lady Ds eyes, a womans body is a blank canvas, waiting to be transformed by her innate sense of cool, sexy lingerie and apparel. Each season, Lady D scans her well-trained eye over the best designer collections to find something thats truly trendy. From the girlish vision of femininity to a darker, more womanly look, Lady D has the ability of plucking out the lingerie fashion designs that are perennially coveted by women of all ages.

Lady D holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of New Haven, West Haven Connecticut. This is where she honed her skills in marketing, merchandising, sales and promotional campaigns, which later on helped her cement her name in the world of sexy lingerie and apparel. But, thats not all, previously, Lady D had also owned and operated an insurance company for over three years, before answering her true calling, which was to revolutionize the world on online lingerie fashion retail.

With over 30 years of experience in luxury shopping, Lady Ds influence over the world of online retail in sexy lingerie and apparel still hasnt waned. She is famed for her provocative sense of style, and even more so for her uncanny ability to introduce future introduces avant-garde lingerie labels. Today, Lady D spearheads the crusade of bringing out the latest lingerie fashion trends to the masses with Sexy Lingerie and Apparel, a website thats devoted to bring premier lingerie labels to the burgeoning masses.

The bottom line is that, Lady D is the woman to whom people turn to when theyre looking for direction and an edge over the competition, when it comes to networking and advertising. Also considered as a heavy hitter when it comes to internet marketing, Lady D has strived to prove that she is not a one-hit-wonder, and now, at Sexy Lingerie and Apparel, her second director role, The famously fearsome (to her competitors!) Lady D is all set to take the online lingerie fashion world by storm.

The best part about Lady Ds philosophy is, sub-standard products just wont do. Which is why you can rest assure that you will get the best in high-end lingerie, bras, underwear, swimsuits, dance wear and dresses of all colors, sizes and designs, apart from a wide range of apparel and clothing items as well. The sole purpose of Sexy Lingerie and Apparel is to one day become the top online destination for lingerie and apparel in South Florida, which is a target that the company expects to meet within the next five to ten years.

Sexy Lingerie and Apparel is known as the beacon blog of sexuality and was created to give people useful information and advice, apart from helping them find the latest styles in lingerie.


Lady D Launches Sexy Lingerie and Apparel an Upscale Fabulous Luxury lingerie Blog

Getting the inside Scoop on Top-of-the-Line Lingerie Brands just got Easier with the Sexy Lingerie and Apparel Blog!

South Florida, July 01, 2015: Florida just got a fashion makeover. The world has recently been introduced to Sexy Lingerie and Apparel, a high-end Luxury lingerie Blog which is all set to take on some of the biggest names in the US fashion industry. Lady D is the new rising star of the Sexy Lingerie and Apparel, and now offers her valuable insights on some of the best lingerie brands and how to wear them.

Sexy Lingerie and Apparel, LLC is a start-up company and an upscale fabulous sexy lingerie and apparel internet blog, headquartered in Miami, Florida. The blog has been incorporated as an LLC corporation and is on a mission to deliver the best customer experience to its clientele, while offering them access to some of the best high-end American lingerie brands. Sexy Lingerie and Apparel takes inspiration from all of the well-known lingerie brands we have come to know and love through the years.

During the recent launch event, a spokesperson of Sexy Lingerie and Apparel said, It is our ultimate goal to become South Florida's top lingerie and apparel internet store within the next five to ten years, which is the reason why we are now offering our services in Sexy Lingerie and Apparel to the residents of South Florida and the rest of the US.

She further stated, Since we are celebrating our launch we are also offering our readers the opportunity to win a $100 shopping spree by entering our giveaway contest, which is going to be held on an ongoing basis from now on.

Apart from the real-life sartorial advice on lingerie fashion, we are hoping to up sell big players in the lingerie industry like, Victoria's Secret by educating our consumers on fit, quality, durability, style, and where they can purchase high-end lingerie for reasonable prices, she concluded.

Lady D believes that every woman deserves to look her absolute best. Sexy Lingerie and Apparel showcases some of the sexiest lingerie, bras, underwear, club wear, dancewear, swimsuits, hosiery, and dresses in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. Sexy Lingerie and Apparel will provide our readers with some valuable information on a wide range of apparel and clothing items, and educate and advise our clients on the leading styles and brands, as well as the proper fitting techniques for the kind of lingerie they choose.

About Us:

Sexy Lingerie and Apparel is a fashion blog that caters to the high-end lingerie market. The high-end fashion blog was created by Lady D, who is one of the leading names when it comes to high-end lingerie fashion. Super relatable and always on point, Lady D offers some of the best advice when it comes to high-class and high-quality American products from manufacturers throughout the United States. While the Sexy Lingerie and Apparel blog is mostly focused towards the residents of South Florida, the amount of experience that Lady D has in both the business side of fashion and the lingerie fashion in general makes Sexy Lingerie and Apparel one of those blogs that are a welcome addition to the lingerie fashion scene.


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Our Mission

Sexy Lingerie and Apparels mission is to be the most successful lingerie and apparel company in the world at delivering the best customer experience in markets we serve. In doing so, Sexy Lingerie and Apparel will meet customer expectations of highest quality, competitive pricing, individual and company accountability, best-in-class service and support, and financial stability


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